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Systems Engineering

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Solar (photovoltaic) independent power generation system includes solar cell arrays, batteries, power controllers, DC/AC inverters, power transmissions and distributions, low voltage power distribution networks and DC/AC loads.
Solar cell arrays output electricity under the sunshine, and through reverse-charging preventive diode charges the batteries and provides electricity to DC load; meanwhile the output current of the array and the battery is switched into the inverters' DC input terminals via a controller,and the power is distributed to AC load by a distribution board.In continuous overcast or rainy days, power output from the solar cell arrays cannot reach the load for normal power supply. At that time, the battery will supply power to the load via inverter,Moreover, in order to monitor the performance of the entire system and operation of the equipment,this system can also be equipped with monitoring system.

Nowadays, Solar (PV) independent power generation systems are widely used in transportation, communication, telecommunication, oil and marine industries.

Solar (PV) grid-connection power generation system uses power networks as storage units without battery storage function. The system utilizes solar cell array to converse solar energy into DC current, which is inverted into AC current via grid-connection inverters. The AC current is distributed into power network for power generation.

Thanks to government's subsidy policy for network power price in grid-connection system, solar (PV) grid-connection power generation system has been developed rapidly, and applied in various fields, such as roof grid-connection power generation and grid-connection project in spare space

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