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Wednesday, 22 September 2010
WA gets Australia's biggest solar plant

- Australia's biggest solar power plant will be built in Western Australia next year. WA also flagged an expansion of a wind farm near Albany.

- The government has responded to a review of WA's power sector.

- State energy minister of Western Australia Peter Collier refused to back a call to adopt a policy of having 5 per cent of the state's energy supplied by solar power by 2020. He said, the high costs of solar power remained an impediment to its borad-scale adoption.

Friday, 8 October 2010
Groups at odds on cause of rise in electricity cost

- Clean energy groups argue investment in infrastructure not in renewables is driving up household power bills. A conservative think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, claimed yesterday electricity prices in parts of Australia had increased at nearly four times the rate of inflation.

- The Climate Institute claimed increases in bills were due mainly to investment of $42billion in poles and wires over the next five years.

Thursday, 14 October 2010
Quantas boss takes aim at carbon levy

- Quantas chief executive Alan Joyce has become the latest critic of a carbon tax, arguing it could distort competition for business if Australia moves faster than other countries.

- Government prefers implementin a carbon tax rather than ressurecting its failes emissions trading scheme.

- He calls for a global approach from the aviation sector to tackling climate change.

- He also criticised the EU's attempt to charge airlines for emission permits from 2012. More could be achieved by focusing on developing new aviation fuel to reduce carbon emissions.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Carbon price advisers announced

- The federal government's approach to climate change issues will be broadened by creating two advisers roundtables on the topic of climate change, under terms of reference that specify the importance of the introduction of a carbon price into the economy.

- One of them is a business roundtable group including Quantas chief Alan Joyce, Woolworths chief Michael Luscombe, National Australia Bank chief Cameron Clyne and BlueScope Steel chief Paul O'Malley and many more, chaired by Treasurer Wayne Swan and Climate CHange Minister Greg Combet. Furthermore The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industrz, the Australian Industry Group and the Business Council of Australia and others, like the Farmers Federation or the Clean Energy Council, will be represented at this table.

- The second one comprises unions and environmental groups like the Australian Conservation Foundation, Climate Institute, World Wildlife Fund Australia, ClimateWorks Australia and more will be chaired by Mr Combet and Sutainability Minister Tony Burke.

Monday, 25 October 2010
Controversy flares over biofuel taxes

- Treasury has warned that motorists will face even steeper taxes on ethanol and biodiesel fuels from next year if a Gillard government plan to overhaul the fuel tax system fails to become law.

- Grants and tax concessions on alternative fuels are due to expire and phase out from July 2011.

- Motorists who buy "cleaner" fuels will be taxed at the same rate as petrol and diesle users within five years unless new legislation is passed bevor the end of the financial year.

- Criticism grows, that the Treasury focuses on tax implementation, but not the role of alternative fuels in energy security and reducing carbon pollution.

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Eco Investor Forum 2010 - 19 October, Hilton Hotel, Sydney

Eco Investor Forum 2010
19 October, Hilton Hotel, Sydney

There is now only one week to Eco Investor Forum 2010, which brings together Australia's leading cleantech and clean energy companies with environmental investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

The companies, speakers and technologies at this year's Forum are:

- Barry Buffier, Deputy Director General, State & Regional Development and Tourism, Industry & Investment NSW on "Business Opportunities in a Low Carbon Economy"

- Professor Paul Simshauser, Chief Economist & Group Head of Corporate Affairs, AGL Energy (wind, hydro and solar energy, gas and coal seam gas)

- Miles George, Managing Director, Infigen Energy (wind and solar energy)

- Bryam Johnston, Chairman, Greencap (waste, water and and contamination management)

- David Cooper, General Manager, CBD Energy (solar and wind energy)

- Robert Schuitema, Managing Director, Phoslock Water Solutions (water pollution)

- Thomas Rudas, Managing Director, AnaeCo (waste management and bioenergy)

- Paul McPherson, Executive Chairman. MediVac (medical waste management)

- Richard Caldwell, Executive Chairman, Dyesol (solar energy)

- Nick Boyd, Managing Director, AquaGen Technologies (wave energy)

- Ecotuitive (rainwater harvesting and self-sustaining housing)

- Perfectflow Technology (water saving showerheads and nozzles)

- Bevan Dooley, Managing Director, BTOLA (waste management and bioenergy)

- Kerry Rooney, Global Manager for Clean Energy and the Environment, Austrade, on "International Trends in Clean Energy investment"

- James Thier, Executive Director, Australian Ethical Investment (on climate advocacy in ASX 200 companies, and international environmental equities)

- Phillip Galloway, Investment Manager, CVC Sustainable Investments (the Australian and US environmental investing perspective)

The Forum is an excellent opportunity to hear and meet the companies, and network with other environmental investors and executives.

To register click Here.

To see the program click Here.

To see more about the speakers click Here.

EcoGen 2010 – Getting real about clean energy

To be held from 5–8 September at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre, EcoGen 2010 (http://www.ecogen2010.com/) will feature an impressive array of speakers presenting on a host of clean energy technologies from wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal, hydro, tidal to natural gas, co and tri-generation, and, energy efficiency.

All news on renewables in Australia from 19.07.-23.07.2010

All news about renewable energies in Australia from 19 July 2010 to 23 July 2010. Conveniently edited and summarised for you! Sourced from the Australian Financial Review.

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