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Eco Investor Forum 2010
19 October, Hilton Hotel, Sydney

There is now only one week to Eco Investor Forum 2010, which brings together Australia's leading cleantech and clean energy companies with environmental investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

The companies, speakers and technologies at this year's Forum are:

- Barry Buffier, Deputy Director General, State & Regional Development and Tourism, Industry & Investment NSW on "Business Opportunities in a Low Carbon Economy"

- Professor Paul Simshauser, Chief Economist & Group Head of Corporate Affairs, AGL Energy (wind, hydro and solar energy, gas and coal seam gas)

- Miles George, Managing Director, Infigen Energy (wind and solar energy)

- Bryam Johnston, Chairman, Greencap (waste, water and and contamination management)

- David Cooper, General Manager, CBD Energy (solar and wind energy)

- Robert Schuitema, Managing Director, Phoslock Water Solutions (water pollution)

- Thomas Rudas, Managing Director, AnaeCo (waste management and bioenergy)

- Paul McPherson, Executive Chairman. MediVac (medical waste management)

- Richard Caldwell, Executive Chairman, Dyesol (solar energy)

- Nick Boyd, Managing Director, AquaGen Technologies (wave energy)

- Ecotuitive (rainwater harvesting and self-sustaining housing)

- Perfectflow Technology (water saving showerheads and nozzles)

- Bevan Dooley, Managing Director, BTOLA (waste management and bioenergy)

- Kerry Rooney, Global Manager for Clean Energy and the Environment, Austrade, on "International Trends in Clean Energy investment"

- James Thier, Executive Director, Australian Ethical Investment (on climate advocacy in ASX 200 companies, and international environmental equities)

- Phillip Galloway, Investment Manager, CVC Sustainable Investments (the Australian and US environmental investing perspective)

The Forum is an excellent opportunity to hear and meet the companies, and network with other environmental investors and executives.

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Latest International News in English

All news on renewables in Australia from 23.08.2010 - 21.09.2010

Monday, 23 August 2010
Green power worries asset managers

- The greens, holding balance of power in the senate from July 2011, cause asset managers to worry.

- Mining companies are afraid of emissions-trading scheme. The likely winners would be renewable energy firms.

- The lack of response by Julia Gillard and Tony Abott creates an atmosphere of uncertainty, forcing investors to hold back investments.

Tuesday, 14 September
GPT tops green company index

- GPT Group and Mirvac Group, both real estate companies, have won international recognition for their sustainable property products.

- They are two of 21 members of the Dow Jones sustainability index, which measures corporate economic, environmental and social performance and various assessing issues related to topics like climate change or stakeholder engagement.

- Also the government is expected to intruduce mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency ratings for commercerial property later this year.

Tuesday, 14 September
Green suppliers extend their footprint

- Demand for energy management systems and sustainable building products is supporting the growth of green-based businesses.

- People are becoming more focused on the long-term financial benefits of investing in grid-connect solar power and how solar power can free them from rising energy costs.

- This causes growth for providers of solar power and sustainable buildings/energy efficiency consultants.

- However, capital limits are restricting growth despite imporinv demand as product costs decrease and consumers become more aware of energy savings.

Thursday, 16 September 2010
Business divided on BHP climate call

- A call  on, from the world’s biggest miner, BHP Billiton, for Australia take a lead role on climate change has divided the business community and increased pressure on the government to act sooner on tackling carbon pollution.

- BHP Billiton chief executive Marius Kloppers said "Australia will ned to look beyond coal towards the full spectrum of available energy solutions".

- National Farmers' Federation said a carbon price would actually disadvantage Australia's international competitiveness and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry mentioned its 350,000 member businesses would rather prefere that action should be aimed at energy efficiency than imposing extra taxes and certainly not before the rest of the world introduced carbon taxes.

Friday, 17 September 2010
Gillard opens way on carbon tax

- The federal government has opened the way to introducing a carbon tax as it begins talks with the Greens about reducing emissions, prompting the opposition to claim it was backflipping on its pre-election promise to reject a new tax.

- Broad response from various industries to Mr Klopper's proposed combination of carbon tax, land use actions and limited trading system ran through the countries media.

- The multi facettet aproach could also be simpler than the government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Friday, 17 September 2010
Kloppers fires up debate

- Prime Minister Gillard cautiously welcomes the intervention of BHP Billiton's CEO.

- Marius Kloppers Intervention is seen as a political game changer.

- It particularly puts pressure on Tony Abbott's coalition, which has rejected any market-based mechanism for reducing carbon emissions.

- Finding a regime which imposes a carbon price on this sector and deals with its specific issues would be a very credible first step in the eyes of both consumers and business for a government remaking its credentials in this complex area.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010
Labor backs carbon price on power

- Call for stand alone carbon reduction scheme for the energy sector, leaving industries like transport and agriculture to be included later.

- Huge econonmic risk because delayed investment decisions

- An entirely united agreement within the business community or even the power sector alone seems unlikely

All news on renewables in Australia from 26.07. - 23.08.2010

All news about renewable energies in Australia from 26 July 2010 to 23 August 2010. Conveniently edited and summarised for you! Sourced from the Australian Financial Review.

EcoGen 2010 – Getting real about clean energy

To be held from 5–8 September at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre, EcoGen 2010 (http://www.ecogen2010.com/) will feature an impressive array of speakers presenting on a host of clean energy technologies from wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal, hydro, tidal to natural gas, co and tri-generation, and, energy efficiency.

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