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India: Indias past year at the UN Security Council

Published at: Feb 8, 2012
source: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

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After almost 20 years the election of India as a non-member to the UN Security Council was a huge victory. India decided to fully use its stay in the council and pushed the expansion of the memebership in both categories.

Due to the membership at the Security Council India gained diplomatic success. In issues and discussions about Libya and Syria India achieved a strong foothold by supporting their principles and foreign policy like respect of souvereignty, peaceful settlements of disputes and independence. Force should be the last resort.

With regard to nuclear energy and the Iran, India argued for the right of using nuclear power in a peaceful way. The nuclear issue in the Iran should be peacefully adressed as well. India was searching for the peaceful dialog and discussion.

Besides the issues concerning the Arab Spring and the nuclear policy of the Iran, India was engaged in topics like piracy in Somalia and issues concerning Palestine.

India will be a elected non-member of the UNSC for the next 11 months.

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