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India: EU-India Summit an the 10th of February in Delhi

Published at: Feb 9, 2012
source: Eurasia Review

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Tomorrow, on the 12th of February the EU-India Summit will be held in Delhi. On the agenda, there are topics like economic cooperation, Iran and security.

India will be represented by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. The EU will be represented by Herman Van Rompuy (European Council President), Jose Manuel Barosso (European Commission President), Karel de Gucht (EU Trade Commisioner).

Consultations are supposed to focus on economic cooperation, Free Trade Agreement negotiations and bilateral cooperation in the energy sector. The Iranian nuclear programme will be on the agenda as well.

In the early 1960 Europaen-Indian relations were established. The cooperation agreement 1994 opened the way into broad political dialoge in the end. Since 2000 annual meetings as well as ministerial and expertise meetings were established which continously evolved the relationship.

In 2004 the strategic partnership between the two countries was created in order to adress isses concerning globalisation more properly. The summit in 2005 adopted the EU-India Joint Action Plan (JAP) which defines common objectives in political, economic and development cooperation.

By reviewing the JAP in 2008 they decided on four priorities: peace and security, sustainable development, research and technology and cultural exchange.

Main points in the cooperation of the EU and India are the fight against terrorism, non-profileration, crisis management, anti-piracy, security, peace building and keeping and regional issues.

Europe is India largest trading partner. Additionally the EU is the biggest investor in India. Nevertheless there is still much potential for trade growth.

The European Union support India in their efforts for sustainable growth. In 2008 India and the EU even launched the Joint Work Program on Clean Development and Climate Change. Moreover, India has become a full partner in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) nuclear fusion project. And the EU and India are jointly calling for solar energy research with EUR 5 million contribution from both sides.


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