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According to a new report from Navigant Research, Microgrid-enabling technologies are predicted to make up a $26 billion market by 2023, growing from $5.5 billion annually in 2014.


Latest International News in English

Canada: New Contracts of Ontario's microFIT Generations



As of January 1st, new contracts of Ontario's microFit generations will earn 38.4 cents per kWh and while rates have dropped, so have the costs of buying and installing solar panels.

Canada: Canada's Green Energy Sector Growing Exponentially



Canada's green energy sector has grown exponentially within the past five years, due to $25 billion of investments and an increase of 37% in employment.


Canada: ASD and Weberhaus Working Together in Solar Storage Systems



Germany-based ASD Automatic Storage Device GmbH (ASD) is supplying prefabricated housing manufacturer WeberHaus with solar energy storage systems for its new-built homes, which consume up to 90% of the solar power they generate on-site.


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