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System planning

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System planning

Conergy offers planning support for new and existing partner companies. For the first or more complex projects please download our software programs.

Conergy IPG sizer

With the help of Conergy IPG sizer system dimensioning program you can determine the optimum combination of the solar power system with the Conergy Inverters

>> Conergy IPG sizer

Conergy QuickConfigurator

The Conergy QuickConfigurator makes planning of on-roof and in-roof mounting systems easy. The tool allows the user to specify the location, size and type of an installation, define the kind of roof and choose suitable modules. Based on all these information the software proposes a perfect configuration of the mounting system. The calculation takes local norms into consideration and ensures that the installation is statically correct. This makes life easy for the installer.

>> Conergy QuickConfigurator

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