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Experts 41 - 50 of 1396 in total
  • mohammed laid Tadjine
    Nationality: Algeria
    Years of experience: 2
  • Christian Signoret-Marcellin
    Nationality: Mexico
    Years of experience: 28
    Experience: Teaching and Research & Development in Mechanical Engineering
  • Arnaud Philibert
    Nationality: France
    Years of experience: 11
    Experience: 11 years of tendering, negotiation and organisation (support functions) Currently Director of Bidding & Contract department for a Chinese company...
  • Gert Walter Thoma
    Nationality: Germany
    Years of experience: 20
    Experience: Project acquisition, planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting in Indonesia, the Philippines, P.R.China, Mali, Rwanda, Kenya, Jordan: - renewable energies...
  • Marcello Serra
    Nationality: Italy
    Years of experience: 10
    Experience: Cogeneration, Biogas, Renewables Energy
  • Δημήτρης Κοϊτσίδης
    Nationality: Greece
    Years of experience: 18
  • Oliver Passolt
    Nationality: Spain
    Years of experience: 5
    Experience: Insurance Programmes for Renewable Energies
  • Henry Studer
    Nationality: Switzerland
    Years of experience: 5
    Experience: - Market analysis and development of concentrating PV - Factory planning for thin film PV - Jatropha biofuel / biogas
  • Wablemann Rene
    Nationality: Bahamas
    Years of experience: 41
    Experience: Phasellus mauris elit, ultricies a aliquam ut, imperdiet sit amet tellus. Pellentesque dolor elit, dapibus vel rutrum quis, bibendum nec...
  • Aris P. Liakopoulos
    Nationality: Greece
    Years of experience: 13
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