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FLABEG makes flat mirrors for Fresnel solar power plants with maximum dimensions of 3.30 m to 2.50 m in thicknesses of 0.9 mm to 4.0 mm.

Here, too, our mirrors offer impressive product features, such as outstanding energy reflection, durability, and resistance to corrosion and desert sand. This is why custom made flat mirrors from FLABEG truly are the first choice for Fresnel solar power plants.

Fresnel mirror collectors bundle the sunlight onto an absorber pipe via several parallel and level flat mirror facets. This principle of operation is similar to that of a Fresnel lens. With some systems, an additional secondary mirror behind the focal plane directs the rays onto the absorber pipe.

Compared with the parabolic trough technology the energy yield here per unit of area is much smaller. Yet the simple structure of the Fresnel collector and the possibility of using the space beneath the collector mean that there is exciting cost-lowering potential that can be exploited.

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