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4th Egyptian German Renewables day, 26th February 2012

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In line with our ongoing support for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, and after the success of the previous delegations on wind energy, solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies, the German- Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce is pleased to invite you to the 4th Egyptian German Renewables day which will be held on the occasion of a German delegation of technology provider coming to Egypt. The event which will focus on solar thermal and wind energy is supported by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology and will take place on 26th February 2012.



The conference will give in-depth information on the government’s strategy and plans to support renewable energy; it will summarize investment opportunities in this sector and give an overview on wind energy and solar thermal energy technologies. Participation will also give you the opportunity to meet the German companies participating in the delegation through business matchmaking to be held after the conference


:(The German companies that will participate are the following (in alphabetical order

§ Ammonit Measurement GmbH: Ammonit produces Data loggers/ logger accessories/ sensors especially designed for measuring wind speed and direction. The sensors measure solar radiation and the data loggers record meteorological data to calculate wind/solar energy potential of a certain region. Ammonit Measurement GmbH is looking for constructors/ installers of measurement masts, Companies/ Evaluators that interpret measurement data and give evaluations on a certain location, Project developers and public authorities that are responsible for tenders. www.ammonit.com


§ Gamil-Tec:  Gamil-Tec offers solar collectors as well as components for turn-key solar power plants. Gamil-Tec is interested to meet consultants/ companies selling thermal power plants and other RE products as well as project developers/ Investors in the RE field. They would also be interested to meet construction companies as well as managers of hotels/resorts and clubs. www.gamil-tec.com


§ Ge:Net GmbH: Ge:Net offers the production of Turnkey Meteo masts inclusive their measurement systems and assembly. The towers comprise of aluminium lattice, stainless steel tubes or galvanized steel tubes. The company is interested to meet consultants in the field of Site Assessment/ Wind potential, Project developer for the design and development of wind power parks and governmental or non-governmental agencies/ organizations for technical cooperation that carry out or contract others to carry out wind measurements (such as for a wind atlas. www.genetworld.com)


§ Industrial Solar GmbH: This Company offers industrial solar collectors, the planning, installation as well as the hydraulic components directly or through regional partners. They are interested to meet large companies from the textile and food sector as well as companies that install industrial steam plants (responsible for construction, design, installation and maintenance). They would also like to meet installers of huge air conditions (multiple MW). www.industrial-solar.de )


§ Repower Systems SE: Repower Systems SE are producers of Wind Energy Plants (On- & Offshore) and are interested to meet Project developers for BOO projects, potential operators (operators with high electricity consumption) as well as local financing institutions.www.repower.de


§ SETEC GmbH: This Company offers the technology transfer for Wind energy power plants as well as the supply of complete electronic systems for Wind energy plants. They are interested to meet companies that want to establish a wind power plant with up tp 2 MW or companies that have production facilities for heavy machines, pipes, construction of heavy parts up to 50 tons. They are also interested to meet investors that are planning to build their own factories.www.setec-dresden.com )


§ Sunset Energietechnik GmbH: Sunset offers complete solar systems, solar generators, Inverters, Substructure and Data logging Systems and are interested to meet managers of Hotels, malls, compounds www.sunset-solar.de

§ WKN AG: WKN offers the development, financing, implementation and Repowering of Windpark projects. As for PV projects they offer technical consultation, technical business management and innovation. They are interested to meet companies that are active in the construction sector, concrete contractors and cable and electrical products manufacturers (cabling and transformation stations). They would also like to meet local banks, large estate owners, local project developers of wind and solar projects and representatives of large infrastructure projects that could be interested in island solutions. www.wkn-ag.de)

For more information about the event, please contact magicx@ahk-mena.com


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