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Terms of use

B2B Renewable Energies

1. Operation and context of the site

The German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DGIHK), which has its seat in Athens and is legally represented by Mr. Martin Knapp, operates on the internet the platform of data, communication and B2B Renewable Services - www.renewablesb2b.com - concerning the renewable energy sector. In this framework, a wide group of users have the right to retrieve data from the internet, to make use of various benefits and services under the obligation to register and to cash on delivery, as well as to make further communications with the other group users. The www.renewablesb2b.com objective is the creation of a central data portal on issues related to the Renewable Energy (RE) sector.

The B2B Renewable Energies provides you with a platform of information (Information Portal) and a business platform (Electronic Marketplace).

All Info Center services, like news, events, links, downloads, additional services are accessible to anybody for any information objective. The B2B Renewable Energy includes a financial data bank where the company profiles of all providers are registered, a data bank covering enterprises presentations, as well as an experts’ roster, where experts profile is stored. Additionally, research and publishing data, like reports’ date and articles are provided. In order to fully use the yellow pages service and the members presentation we would welcome you to register. The B2B electronic marketplace is a B2B application, which is addressed to enterprises within the RE sector.

The full use of the Electronic Marketplace is made via cash on delivery.

By the term “users” within the present terms of use we define all registered persons or persons that register on behalf of other members and use the services provided herein.

The site www.renewablesb2b.com bears the content created and produced by the DGIHK and the content created by partners and users. The site administrator has the right to modify, replace or withdraw any available content. As long as it concerns the content sent or published by the users the site administrator has the right to review the material before it is made public and to replace or withdraw it even after its publication without mentioning the reason. The DGIHK does not control and does not guarantee:

a) the quality, security and legality of the material which is made available on or via the site by third parties,

b) the truth, accuracy and update of content and of data that are sent or published by third parties or parties that are advertised

2. Access and site use, prices

The access and use of www.renewablesb2b.com and/or the products and services provided by the site (herein “services”) are subject to the present terms of use. When registering with the www.renewablesb2b.com with the aim to use the site services, you declare before the administrator the acknowledgment and your consent to the present use of terms. In order to use the mediation platform and the business platform, you have to fill-in the registration form. The administrator grants to each user the right and the password, which enables the user to use the services (registration). In case the user is asked to provide information on the registration, the user is obliged to fully provide true, correct and updated data. Moreover, the user bears the obligation to declare without any delay subsequent modifications. Respectively, the site administrator bears the responsibility to maintain the registration data in a fully objective correct and updated manner. The user bears the obligation to uphold the confidential access password.

You have the obligation to duly make known to B2B Renewable Energies any incident of non-authorized use of password or personal account or any other security violation that you nay become aware or suspicious of. The site administrator does not bear any responsibility on losses or damages that may occur to the user as a result of his/her non compliance with the abovementioned terms. In this case, the administrator may take all necessary measures to avoid any non- prescribed use, and mainly to temporarily suspend the right to access.

The use of information provided on the site B2B Renewable Energies is basically free. On the contrary, the www.renewablesb2b.com services are performed by cash on delivery. The site administrator has the right to limit, temporarily suspend or terminate access to services wholly or partially. Moreover, the site administrator has the right to modify, temporarily suspend or terminate services wholly or partially.

The B2B RE use shall be limited to the accomplishment of its objective and operation. When using the site, users are not allowed to:

  • - Attack public moral and/or rights to personality
  • - harm minors
  • - impeach the right to industrial and intellectual property
  • - provoke damage to the software and information technology systems through contents that include viruses, Trojan horses or other programmes.
  • - distribute non wanted advertisement through e-mail (the so called spam correspondence).
  • - encourage participation to gampling, pyramide forms, domino mail or similar activities.

3. Right to intellectual and industrial property

The site content (images, graphics, pictures, designs, provided services and texts including) as well as its structure constitute intellectual property, registered brand and service brand of the DGIHK and therefore are governed by the relevant legislation of Greek law, community law and international conventions and treaties. Any products or services appearing on the present site and bearing the brand of respondent bodies, enterprises, unions or publications, constitute their intellectual, industrial or other relevant property and, thus, these bodies bear the responsibility.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, modify, reproduce, publish, transfer, disseminate and distribute the content of the server (text, pictures, graphics, images, brands, logos, etc.) by any means, electronically or not. The prohibition does not apply to the case of printing or storing one and only copy of a part of the content on an ordinary PC for personal use strictly and not for public or commercial use and without erasing their source from the present site. It is allowed to use and reproduce in whole, partially or in summary, under the condition that the product is free available via internet and there is made clear reference to the source.

Regarding available information and the publicized content of the site, both in text and images format, coming form partners and users, the responsibility that rights of third parties and intellectual property rights are not violated lies strictly with the users and partners. The latter bear also the responsibility for the accuracy of these data and ensure that in case of violation (regarding competition, brand, intellectual property or right to the name rules) the administrator can not be held liable to third parties.

Simultaneously, partners and users grant to B2B RE site administrator the non exclusive right to use, reproduce, transfer, disseminate or distribute the material wholly without any limitations in space, time and content, electronically or not and within the aim limitations of the site.

This fact includes the right to international presentation, promotion and distribution. Furthermore, it includes the use through any other transmission body, i.e. CD-Rom, CD-I, Foto-CD as well as through all epigamic and apogamic options that B2B RE offers. The administrator has the right to transfer all granted rights by virtue of these terms of use to third parties. Technology and software supporting the site and its services are property of the DGIHK and its partners. The software is protected by relevant intellectual property protection regulations governed by Greek law, Community law and international convention and treaties. It is forbidden to copy, rent, lease, lend, sell, assign, distribute, de-assemble, de-translate and to conversely mechanize or in any way intervene or transfer any rights on the technology and software supporting the site.

4. Hyperlinks

It is highly possible that the www.renewablesb2b.com site may include links or hyper-links to other sites. The administrator does not control the availability, content, privacy protection policy of other links/hyperlinks, to which refers the B2B Renewable Energy site through hyper links or advertisements and does not bear any relevant responsibility. It shall not be assumed, in any case, that the B2B Renewable Energy site bears any responsibility on the sites, their contents or services to which directs or is linked to in any way. The access to these sites and their use is governed by terms laid by their administrators. Therefore, in case a question or problem arises, you shall directly contact the administrators of the responded sites that bear responsibility when providing their services.

5. Liability clause

The website-provider of www.renewablesb2b.com as well as partners (managers, employees, external counsels, linked or subsidiary companies, content providers and internet service providers) are not held liable on any damage that may occur while visiting the site and using services, options and content. Specifically, the above mentioned persons do not bear any responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, positive or negative, loss of profits, damage from penal persecution that rely, are based or constitute the result of accessing the site and using the services, including inter alia:

  • - damages due to loss of right to use
  • - loss or partial destruction of data
  • - delay or inability to provide service
  • - provision or inability to provide support services
  • - use of data, software, products or services gained through the site or through any other means

The administrator does not guarantee and does not bear any responsibility on providing services, options and content without any interruption, error or virus. The DGIHK does not guarantee and can not be held responsible for legal or material inability, accuracy, comprehensiveness or availability of content, pages, services or research results. The content of the site is provided “per se” without any guarantee expressly or presumed provided or in any other way. The site administrator rejects all guarantees, expressly or presumed expressed, including those referring to commerciality or appropriability to a specific aim. In several legal orders the exclusion of presumed guarantees or the restriction of liability in case of damage due to negligence or fraud are not allowed. If that is the case, exclusion or restriction of liability clauses do not apply.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The abovementioned terms and conditions of use of B2B site Renewable Energy and its services, as well as any modification are governed by Greek law, Community law and relevant international treaties and conventions. In case any of the abovementioned terms is declared void or null, is no longer valid, without affecting the validity of the other conditions.

7. Modifications

The site administrator has the right to modify the content, the information, the special features, the operations and services of the site. You are kindly requested to check out from time to time the site content. In case the user proceeds with using the site and/or its services even after modifications are made by the administrator, this fact implies the unreserved acceptance of terms by the user.

8. Contact details

Martin Knapp, CEO

German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Dorilaiou 10-12

115 21 Athens, Greece

Tel: 0030 210 6419020

Fax: 0030 210 6445175

Dr. Athanassios Kelemis, Special Advisor

German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce,

North Greece Branch

54248 Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel: 0030 2310 32 7733

Fax: 0030 2310 32 7737

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