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redekon energie GmbH

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About us

We develop regional and decentralised energie solutions in different renewable energie fields. Besides Solar and wind energy, bioenergy is the main task of our business, since biomethane is easily transportable and storable. In addition to classic project development, we develop sustainable and effective projects. Moreover we support our customers on specific issues, as well as during the whole period of their project development - from the first idea to succesful long-term operations.

redekon energie GmbH advises your management in finding decisions and choosing the right way in renewable energy projects. In this respect, our customers benefit from our independence, our structures and circumstances, from our future-proof and our budget conscious solutions, which concern the interests of our customers. By experienced action, combined with savings in time and ressources, we support our customer's succes.

Our small team of experts and specialists succesfully face increasing challenges of technology, efficiency, economics, humanity and acceptance.

FROM the region - FOR the region - WITH the region

The development of renewable energy sources is a complex task. Only when taking regional issues into consideration and integrating all regional forces, stable energetic and financial profit is possible.Therefore, our companies accepts this demanding challenge!

We are convinced, that also your and our grandchildren should have affordable energy available, from safe renewable enrgy sources!

We are looking forward to your approach.

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