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Privacy statement

B2B Renewable Energies

1. Protection of personal data and privacy

The administrator of internet site http://www.renewablesb2b.com lays particular emphasis on the protection of your privacy, especially when elaborating personal data correlated to privacy issues. It lies in the discretion of the user to enter personal or professional data in the context of the internet bid. In case you choose to register and use the B2B Renewable Energies services, i.e. to register as member (registered user), you may enter your personal data in your personal profile. It is highlighted that personal data are: all data that concern moral persons, data that refer to a certain subject and these data from which the identity of the moral personal may be deduced directly or indirectly. The widely known data or information from which we can not deduce conclusion for the holder or the owner are not considered as personal data. Data concerning legal persons or unions without legal personality (associations, teams, etc.) as well as compiled statistic data do not fall into that category and the relevant legislation is not applicable.

2. Data controller/site manager

The competence for the elaboration of personal data within the framework of the site http://www.renewablesb2b.com lies with the German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DGIHK), legally represented by Mr. Martin Knapp. The site administrator may delegate to third persons (moral and/or legal persons) the elaboration of data. However, the administrator remains responsible for the legal use of data as long as it concerns correctness and liability.

3. The aim and principles applied to collection of personal data.

The site administrator collects and elaborates personal data that are necessary when using the site or derive from this use strictly within the framework of fulfilling the aim and/or operation of the site. The elaboration is strictly limited to personal data that are indispensable to achieve the aim of technically administering the site and the visitors and up to the degree it is considered necessary for the use. Data elaboration is subject to Greek and Community legislation and to respective international conventions and treaties. In case you wish to receive further information within the framework of direct publicity, you may fill in the respective Contact us box .Your consent is not necessary in case your data are already registered in the site due to previous or existing transactions concerning similar products or services. In case you do not wish to receive this kind of information, you may notify us by sending a short email. The site http://www.renewablesb2b.com allows you to contact other users as well as to make known broad access information. In this case, other users may store and elaborate data. While connecting to the website B2B Renewable Energies, data concerning communication (i.e. Internet Protocol addresses) as well as data concerning use (start-up or use duration) may be registered automatically by technical means. These data may allow for drawing conclusions for the user. In this case, data elaboration is subject to the applicable provisions on privacy and personal data protection.

4. Cookies

In this site, we use cookies, i.e. small data files which are sent by the server to the visitor’s browser and are stored in the hard disc of the visitor. Cookies provide the user with individualised operations and the ability to implement specific operations. Cookies allow the administrator to better research interactive communication as well as to form and design the site and the services. Cookies do not allow the transmission of personal data. Individual registrations are not analysed on a person-by-person basis and are not correlated with other personal data of users. You have the right either to de-activate your cookies or to decline the installation of cookies or other tools in your terminal. However, in that case, access to various settings and properties and, thus, access to specific content of the site, may not be possible

5. Personal data transfer

Personal data are exclusively used within the context of the site and are not transferred to third persons without consent. However, personal data are made known or transferred to third persons in case this is necessary in order to fulfill obligations prescribed by law or (to fulfill) aims and operations of the site always in line with the law and after informing the person concerned. It is possible that we assign -on behalf of our institution- the operation of various services to legal or moral persons. In the framework of assigning services, we transfer only data that are necessary for the fulfilment of the assigned services. The use of data for any other purpose is forbidden. In case you wish it, it is possible to make known or transfer personal data to third persons in order to be used for commercial product and services promotion. In case you do not wish the communication or transfer to third persons for the abovementioned purpose, please, fill-in the respective line while registering.

6. Links to other sites

The site http://www.renewablesb2b.com provides links to other sites. It is highlighted that the site administrator does not bear any responsibility regarding the content and privacy statement or data protection policy of these sites.

7. Rights of the data subjects

In case you have made known to us your personal data, you have at any time the right to follow, modify and or delete the abovementioned data using the User’s Profile. In case you wish to delete the account, please contact webmaster@renewablesb2b.com. However, registrations that have been made up to that time may remain. Persons whose data are subject to elaboration and all users in general, have the right during the collection stage as well as later on to be informed on any processing of their data, the purpose of any further elaboration and the communication of their data to third parties along with the identity of the third parties (right to be informed and right to have access). These persons have also the right to oppose to data processing and to ask the correction, updating and deletion of the data wholly or partially.

8. Security Issues

The B2B Renewable Energies Services administrator takes all necessary and appropriate measures to technically cover and organize data protection from hazardous or illegal loss modification, unauthorized access or transfer of personal data to third parties. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the possibility of breaking the system can not be excluded. If that is the case, the administrator bears no responsibility.

9. Modifications

Since the site and the WWW undergo constant development, the http://www.renewables.com administrator will constantly and respectively adjust its policy on privacy protection and personal data protection. The user is requested to check out the content of the webpage every now and then in case there are further modifications.

10. Contact persons

Martin Knapp, CEO
German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Dorilaiou 10-12
115 21 Athens, Greece
Tel: 0030 210 6419020
Fax: 0030 210 6445175
Dr. Athanassios Kelemis, Special Advisor
German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce,
North Greece Branch
54248 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: 0030 2310 32 7733
Fax: 0030 2310 32 7737
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