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Led SuperLIGHT's main task is to identify huge long-termn savings for the municipalities regarding street lighting by the provision of frontage lighting, cable independent light supply etc.

Everything serves our greater goal:maximal efficiency and climate protection!

20%-50% of the municipal electricity consumption are caused by outdated street lighting! By means of our LED lights, suppported by "Energy Efficiency made in Germany" it is now possible to reduce the  power consumption by 80% to over 90%.

Use this information - take right actions. By using our LED-SUPERlights, the highest level of efficiency, and by that, aimed calculable savings be reached.

We offer also, because of the inquiry ,solar island electrification systems and also the possibility to include into wind energy as well as energy from generators!

As well you can also get different systems of producing wind energy, too! Let me know, how much energy you need and you will get the newest and best way toproduce it!

Company Details
Contact Person Details
  • First Name: Christian
  • Last Name: Piendl
  • Position: manager
  • Email: ch-piendl@t-online.de
  • Phone: 0049-(0)9443-992720
  • Larnit 8
    Parking lot, smaller roundabout or junctions lighting
    Made in: Germany
    The street lights for nearly all requirements
    Made in: Germany
    Small street lamp, ideal for cycling andwalkways
    Made in: Germany

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