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Zhuhai Saibite Electrical Equipment Co,Ltd.

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采用积木式设计可任意组合,可组成为3.5kw/路N路输入,同时对多组电池放电;也可以组成为单路输入容量3500W×N的大功率放电机; 对电网污染小。符合国际标准,总电流波形畸变率≤4%(典型值) 输入电压范围广:200V—400VDC 微机控制可设置为恒流、横阻、恒功率放电,自动计算放电容量; 重量轻(单台):17.5kg(3.5kw); 体积小(单台):高×宽×深(325×500×170mm); 效率高:≥93%

Company Details
  • Business Type: Company - Supply
  • Country: Afghanistan
  • State / Province / Region: guangdong of China
  • City: zhuhai
  • Address: Chinese Guangdong Province Zhuhai Tangjia Second Industrial District 4,6 Buildin
  • Zip: 509080
  • Phone: 07563319311
  • Fax: 07563319635
  • Url: http://www.zhsbt.com
  • Email: sbt0756@163.com
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