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Almost 100,000 Illinois workers are employed in clean energy jobs, more than the state’s real estate and accounting sectors combined, according to a new survey.

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United States: Renewables Account For 99% Of New U.S. Generation In January

Non-hydro renewable energy sources accounted for more than 99% of all new U.S. electrical generating capacity installed during January for a total of 324 MW, according to the latest Energy Infrastructure Update report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

United States: Obama to tell feds to boost renewable electricity

President Barack Obama is ordering the federal government to nearly triple to 20 percent its use of renewable sources for electricity by 2020.

United States: An Open Frontier: The Untapped Potential of South American Geothermal

The ring of fire is a geologic region that extends in a horseshoe shape from the bottom tip of South America, up along the Pacific coast through North America, and looping back through Asia and down to New Zealand. It's lined with more than 400 volcanoes, and as the Johnny Cash song goes, it "burns, burns, burns," which also means it's a geothermal dream zone.

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