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High winds not a good omen for rains

Published at: Jun 21, 2012
source: The Times of India
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High winds not a good omen for rains

SURAT: The coastal region of south Gujarat starting from Udwada in Valsad district to Dahej and Khambhat in Bharuch is experiencing gush of high speed winds having a speed of 45 km-50 km per hour for last two days.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) officials in Ahmedabad said it is nothing unusual and was a result of low pressure activity in Bay of Bengal. But, Coast GuardDaman has placed signal 2 and said that sea would get more rough in coming 24 hours.

M Mohanti, assistant meteorologist, IMD, Ahmedabad said, "Thunderstorm activity is likely in Surat region. The south-west monsoon has touched the shores of south Gujarat and Saurashtra, but will take time to advance further."

This essentially means, despite heavy clouds, region is unlikely to get good rains.

Mahesh Desai, former deputy director of Central Water Commission (CWC) and a weather expert said, "This is definite effect of climate change over the region. In normal circumstances, the Bay of Bengal monsoon should have become active over north and central parts of India above Bhopal."

Explaining why the region area is not receiving good rainfall despite gushing winds and clouds, Desai said, "It is a simple principal that clouds flow with the wind from higher humidity levels to lower humidity levels. At present, humidity level in the region is between 70 and 85 per cent due to large number of reservoirs in the area, against humidity of 10-15 per cent in Bhopal and upwards. This makes winds blow away the clouds to lower humidity area."

IMD images show that monsoon of Bay of Bengal has reached up to Ranchi and would be another few more days before it reaches northern UP plains. This means south and central Gujarat will also have to wait for another few more days to get substantial rains.

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