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United States: Atlantic Wind Connection Chooses New Jersey for Phase I Offshore Transmission Backbone

Published at: Jan 17, 2013
source: Clean Technica

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The Atlantic Wind Connection, which include tech giant Google and private equity firms, among others, revealed New Jersey will be the starting point for its big project. The project will be a high-voltage, direct current (DC) electricity transmission backbone under the US Atlantic seabed that would stretch from Virginia to New York City.

Winds off the extensive coasts of the US hold enormous potential, not only as sources of clean, renewable energy, but as a natural resource base that can power sustainable socioeconomic development. Altering the course of US energy policy after decades of supporting the fossil fuel industry, the Obama administration has managed to put in place the policies and institutional framework and is capitalizing on it.

Winds off the US Atlantic coast could produce enough clean, renewable electricity to power at least one-third of the entire US or the entire East Coast from Maine to Florida, at least theoretically, according to a study performed by a Stanford University research team. Key to realizing all this potential is building the high-voltage transmission lines that would carry and deliver the electricity generated via offshore winds to urban centers and other areas.

With sponsors including Google, Marubeni, private equity firm Bregal Energy and Belgium transmission system operator Elia, the Atlantic Wind Connection announced January 14 that it had selected New Jersey as the the for the first phase of a project that entails laying a high-voltage, direct current (DC) electricity transmission backbone under the US Atlantic seabed that would stretch from New York City to Virginia.

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