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The best of Israel’s agri-tech and clean-tech innovation is combined in a new oasis system that could help feed millions of desert-dwellers.

Latest International News in English

Renewable energy project approved for Eilat area

Project aims to strengthen cross-border relations with Jordan as well as act as an instigator for regional development.

Alliance Between Israel and El Salvador in the Renewable Energy Field

Israel's SDE Wave Power Plants company and El Salvador's El Esplendor Development Corp announced today an alliance to execute Wave Power Technology in El Salvador and California.

SDE is a world leader in the planning, building and marketing of power stations that produce power from sea waves.

Israel: Another Conergy rooftop installation on a BIG shopping mall connected

Conergy has intensified its global footprint with the completion of a second 630-kilowatt rooftop installation on another BIG shopping mall.

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