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  • Geothermal energy trade mission - Download the presentations

    Adunos GmbH
    Adunos GmbH is a fast growing energy solutions company dedicated to the promotion of renewable and sustainable energies. The company concentrates on developing, delivering and implementing high quality products, such as domestic hot-water and air-water heat pumps, and new integrated energy solutions, such as wireless m-bus smart-metering systems. Already exporting into various European countries, Adunos GmbH plans to further distribute their heat pumps in combination with smart metering systems throughout Europe. Adunos GmbH is primarily looking for main distributors for the smart metering system for UK. This could be installers of metering systems, metering service providers, construction companies, wholesalers or energy suppliers. Download the Presentation here!

    AP Sensing GmbH
    AP Sensing GmbH is a global leader in advanced photonic sensing. The company dedicates itself to providing global solutions in the Distributed Temperature Measurement (DTS) market and became an innovator in optical measurement and optical assembly technique. Offering traditional geothermal response tests (GRT) and developing a controlled enhanced geothermal response test (EGRT) solution, AP Sensing's objective is to contribute to a sustainable exposure to natural resources. Already operating in most parts of the world, AP Sensing is looking to meet with operators of geothermal power plants, independent consultants, architects and constructors. Download the Presentation here!


    BESTEC GmbH has set itself the objective to close the gap between theory and practice in the field of future energy sources. The resulting outcomes are concepts that combine economics and ecology with equal weighting. Furthermore, the company is conducting Europe’s largest research project into electricity generation from geothermal sources. From planning to implementation, BESTEC GmbH links the strengths of research and industry to realise pioneering energy concepts and is looking for British construction and energy companies to develop their UK market. Download the Presentation here!

    GeothermieBohrer - geotermica Erdwärmesysteme GmbH & Co. KG
    GeothermieBohrer is a brand name of the company geotermica Erdwärmesysteme GmbH & Co. KG. The geothermal expert is concentrating on installing surface collectors and drilling geothermal boreholes. Wanting to revolutionize today's energy consumption patterns, GeothermieBohrer is preparing to expand its business to various countries of the world, starting with the United Kingdom and Ireland. In order to achieve these objectives, the company is looking for distributors and installers of heat pumps, architects and planners, as well as project planners for heat pump installations. Download the Presentation here!

    MHG Heiztechnik GmbH
    MHG Heiztechnik is one of Germany's leading providers of sophisticated heating systems. With top-class heating products, such as air/water or brine/water heat pumps, the company offers its national and international customers a wide-ranging programme for the ultimate in cosy warmth, convenience and reliability. To further expand its business in the UK market, MHG Heiztechnik is primarily looking for British construction companies, as well as architects and installers of heat pumps. Download the Presentation here!

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