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Project aims to strengthen cross-border relations with Jordan as well as act as an instigator for regional development.

Latest International News in English

Alliance Between Israel and El Salvador in the Renewable Energy Field

Israel's SDE Wave Power Plants company and El Salvador's El Esplendor Development Corp announced today an alliance to execute Wave Power Technology in El Salvador and California.

SDE is a world leader in the planning, building and marketing of power stations that produce power from sea waves.

EU Upgrades Relations with Israel, Energy Over Politics

In advance of the annual EU-Israel Association Council meeting on Tuesday, the European Unionstated it will offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in over 60 areas, including energy and agriculture. This offer will also grant Israel access to European government-controlled markets and enhance Israel’s co-operation with nine EU agencies.

Meteo-Logic Gives Predictive Power to Wind Farm Weather Stations

Meteo-Logic, a software provider of custom-made accurate weather forecasting, launched yesterday a new service specifically designed to provide the wind farm energy industry with highly accurate localized weather forecasts.Meteo-Logic offers detailed weather parameters and tools required for making weather-sensitive decisions for specific locations at specified times. This is done while dramatically reducing the direct and indirect expenses of wind farms, maximizing profits and reducing financial uncertainty.

Wind farm logic

Meteo-Logic’s technology is used in wind farms to obtain accurate short-term forecasting of wind power and provide accurate data regarding power production. This is done to meet the service-level agreement (SLA) with the relevant utility and avoid penalties arising from discrepancies between committed and actual delivery.

“Meteo-Logic revolutionizes the wind farm weather forecasting market, offering exact and detailed micro-forecasts based on the client’s specific needs,” said Igal Zivoni, Meteo-Logic Founder and CEO. “Our ability to provide exact weather prediction for each turbine separately at cost effective price makes Meteo-Logic’s service very attractive for all those operating in the wind power energy field.”

Meteo-Logic’s service is designed to meet the specific requirements for real-time forecast add-ons for turbine management systems (TCM), turbine manufacturers and consulting companies specializing in renewable energy.
In order to start benefiting from Meteo-Logic’s groundbreaking solution all that is required is to connect the weather station to Meteo-Logic’s site and load the stations’ history files and location parameters.

More about the company:
Meteo-Logic specializes in delivering highly accurate localized weather forecasts for specific locations at specified times, thus providing clients with detailed weather parameters and the tools required for making weather-sensitive decisions.

This innovative service uses smart weather stations, advanced physical and statistical models and a groundbreaking algorithm, replacing the traditional weather forecaster with an automated system.

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