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City Pulse - Trade & Marketing

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City Pulse – Trade & Marketing company is one of the leading companies in pursuing to obtain and implement Environmental products in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. With the continuous rise in fuel costs/or availability, Solar Power has become the most sophisticated and economical “Choice” of the future. It has become the Crown of “Clean Energy”. Although environment awareness requires time and behavior, people worldwide are becoming more conscientious about mother earth. It has been proven throughout the centuries and by history of physics, that the “Sun” is a sacred source of energy on our earth. As a result of our objectives of supplying our customers with the best quality products and services, City Pulse is committed to provide complete solar systems for the following: • Street lights • Garden lights • House lights • Obstruction lights and Navigation Aids • Swimming pool heating • Water heating • Telecommunications • Water pumping • Water desalination • Irrigation • Bill boards • Military applications • Marine applications

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