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2ETW Consulting Services

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2ETW Consulting Services is an international Engineering and Project Management Organization. Our core group of clients call on us to help them solve problems in three principal areas:

  • Streamlining and saving natural resources by minimizing pollution, waste recycling, optimising energy use, adapting modes of mobility, and building energy efficient and healthy buildings;
  • Ensuring the harmonious development of economic and social activities in the public sector (communities, municipalities, regions) and in the private sector (local businesses, international corporations);
  • How to contribute to society as leaders by placing humans and the environment as well as economic considerations at the heart of their own business and community governance plans.

Industrial or service decision makers, small or large groups, we put at your disposal a team of consultants to help you "to master working in the complexity of intricate situations”, that is to say:

  • Understand: anticipate trends (economic and other) and assess their impact on supply chains and markets
  • Decide: drive needed change by developing an objective diagnosis of the company and making strategic company operating tradeoffs such as the redesign of supply systems and adapting new technologies
  • Act: by seizing opportunities for quick success and leadership in the medium term awareness and "board" teams, and developing tools for steering and monitoring
  • Communicate: the maintenance of two-way (feedback) lines of communication internally and to stakeholders and partners

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