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Hoval Aktiengesellschaft

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A main advantage of a biomass heating system is that its level of convenience and ease of operation approaches that of an oil or gas heating system. In addition, the raw material is incredibly rich in energy, with two kilograms of pellets generating as much heat as one litre of oil.

As an integral part of a Hoval heating system, solar energy achieves marked energy savings. In the summer, a solar plant can easily cover the entire hot water demand of a single family home. And it does this completely without emissions.

Natural gas reaches consumers through underground pipelines. Therefore, it does not need to be stored nor prefinanced. The emissions from natural gas combustion are odourless, nontoxic and practically free of sulphur dioxide.
Heating oil has been a reliable energy source for decades. At Hoval, condensing units are available for all types of heating oil. Modern oil combustion with condensation design is convenient and particularly low in consumption, while also saving energy and sparing the environment – especially when used with the new, low-sulphur fuel grades.

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  • Business Type: Other
  • Country: Liechtenstein
  • State / Province / Region: Vaduz
  • City: Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Address: Austrasse 70
  • Zip: 9490
  • Phone: +423 399 2400
  • Fax: +423 399 2411
  • Url: http://www.hoval.com
  • Email: info@hoval.com
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