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About us

The multilingual online business platform B2B Renewable Energies is the first vertical platform for renewable energies worldwide, providing companies from the sectors solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal, biomass and energy efficiency with valuable information about international target markets.

The platform’s centerpiece, the electronic marketplace, offers export oriented companies a unique set of web-based instruments aiming on accelerating and simplifying business processes along the entire supply chain.

Companies from the renewable energy sector benefit from using B2B Renewable Energies as an uncomplicated tool to obtain sector-specific information and as a personalised business and advertisement platform.

The closely-knit network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, delegate offices and representations in more than 80 countries, completes this offer with their approved services and consultations.

In particular, B2B Renewable Energies offers its users:

News, Events, Business Listings, Links, Downloads about international target markets in more than 15 languages

detailed company and expert profiles, product catalogues based upon UN standards as well as exclusive Trade Leads

integrated sophisticated business initiation system

efficient search and filter mechanisms

and much more!

B2B Renewable Energies is an initiative of the bilateral German Chambers of Commerce and receives support from the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology within the scope of the "Export Initiative for Renewable Energies". The business platform is coordinated by the German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which acts as the system headquarter of www.renewablesb2b.com.


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