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Untapped Market for energy efficient technologies in Egypt

Published at: 11 mei 2009

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A survey conducted by the Housing and Building Research Center (HBRC) has shown a significant lack of the simplest energy efficient arrangements in the bigger part of public and residential buildings as well as industrial and production facilities, leading to an energy loss of up to 30%.

Taking into account the expected increase of energy consumption up to 7-8% per year (2012 the consumption is expected to raise up to 149 kWh) it is inevitable for Egypt not only to invest into renewable energies but to make buildings, appliances, electricity grids etc. more energy efficient. Thus a local need for technologies is created to enhance the energy performances in almost every sector.
Nevertheless, awareness towards energy efficiency is low, leaving the Egyptian market almost untapped.
First steps have been taken by the Egyptian government to support investments into energy efficient technologies: an Egyptian-German Joint Committee on Energy Efficiency (JCEE) and the Regional Centre for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)) have been founded. Based on the EU-Egypt Memorandum on the Energy Partnership (2008) an "Energy - Efficiency Agency" was founded, which is responsible for the development of an action and finance plan.
Further steps have been taken for monitoring the energy performance of domestic appliances (Energy Efficiency Label - EEL) and buildings (Energy Efficiency Laboratory).
However, the main reason for a developing market for energy efficient technologies is the successive reduction of the energy subsidies and the tariff system, where especially high consuming industry such as cement producers, have to pay a higher price for the consumed electricity (24,5 Piaster/ kWh compared to 5 Piaster/ kWh for electricity consumption under 50 kWh/ year).

For further information on the local Egyptian market, please contact magicx@ahk-mena.com.

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