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Solar energy

Published at: 10 mei 2009
bron: http://www.sgc.org.sg

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Solar energy is a highly innovative and resource saving sector that has rapidly become an important international market with great potential. Germany is one of the world leaders in the sector of renewable energies with its state of the art technology and leading position in the field of R&D.

Singapore is a country with no natural resources. However, with its abundant sunlight throughout the year, the country can harness this energy for the benefit of the country and the people.

The renewable energies project, consisting of a comprehensive market study on the sector as well as a conference and a business delegation had already been organized in November 2004 and October 2005. The preparation included extensive activities to inform press and authorities. There was also a deep involvement of the EE Subcommittee, lobbying for the industry in Singapore as well as the visiting companies.

More than 200 participants attended the symposium which included presentations from German experts, German company representatives as well as representatives from EDB and the Singapore office of Phoenix Solar.

DEinternational had extensive support from the membership department for the project.

For the eight participating companies from Germany, individual and group meetings had been arranged.

According to the atmosphere at both, the individual meetings and the symposium and the feedback of participants, the event was a complete success. The attendees were able to initiate many business contacts which, hopefully, will lead to fruitful business relationships.

Symposium Program

Presentations from  the symposium:
1. R&D and PV in Germany
2. Solar Generation and Storage
3.  Schott Solar
4. SMA Technologie
5. Solar World AG
6. Solar Thermal and Solar Cooling in Germany
7. Abakus Energiesysteme GmbH

8. Solar Info Center
9. Schüco

10. Sunset Energietechnik GmbH
11. L-DCS

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