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Experts 11 - 20 of 1396 in total
  • Ulrich Friemann
    Nationality: Germany
    Years of experience: 6
  • Eva Lotta Schmidt
    Nationality: Canada
    Experience: Eva Lotta is the Manager of the Deaprtment Wind Energy and Bionenergy at the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and...
    Nationality: Greece
  • Nikolaos Taskos
    Nationality: Greece
    Years of experience: 5
  • Georg Urban
    Nationality: Czech Republic
    Years of experience: 7
  • Yana Wengel
    Nationality: Germany
    Years of experience: 2
    Experience: Mein Kurzprofil: zahlreiche Praktika und andere Erfahrungen in Logistik und Außenhandel, interkulturellem Management und Erwachsenenbildung Auslandserfahrung: Studium (Deutschland, Spanien), Praktikum...
  • EurIng Santanu Talukdar
    Nationality: India
    Years of experience: 25
    Experience: Chemical and Process Engineering, Process Optimization, Process Control Design, Process Automation, Process Analyzer Systems, Process Development Research, Project Management
  • Aykut Yener
    Nationality: Germany
    Years of experience: 9
  • Arilog Regina Pabón Angel
    Nationality: Colombia
    Years of experience: 6
    Experience: Desde agosto 22 de 2005, Profesional del proceso...
  • Tapani Ranta
    Nationality: Finland
    Years of experience: 25
    Experience: Energy Economics, Project Management, ICT
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