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Experts 31 - 40 of 1396 in total
  • Marc Heidemann
    Nationality: Vietnam
    Experience: Statista GmbH - The leading statistic portalmagic labs* - We code supernatural WebsitesENERGIEwandel - Förderclub für erneuerbare Energien
  • Gavin Pitchford
    Nationality: Canada
    Years of experience: 30
    Experience: Having run my own software development company / technology reseller, and to that experience add over 20 years of running...
  • Gordon Bergmann
    Nationality: Germany
  • Sérgio Rodrigues Barbedo
    Nationality: Portugal
  • Helmuth-Werner Schullerus
    Nationality: Germany
    Years of experience: 10
  • Andreas Giesecke
    Nationality: Germany
    Years of experience: 13
    Experience: 16 Years of skills in Oil-, Gas-, Solar-, Wood-, Pellet-, Geothermal-,Central-Air-System-Heating, I have some experience in Fail-Message-Systems on GSM-Basic
  • Christoph Hamkens
    Nationality: Latvia
    Experience: seit 15 Jahre wg. Landtechnik im Baltikum seit 3 Jahren aktive Beschäftigung mit dem Thema Biogas und Biogastechnik in Partnerschaft...
  • Helmut Brunsteiner
    Nationality: Austria
  • Stefan Oberthuer
    Nationality: Guatemala
    Years of experience: 3
    Experience: Analyzing failure and reliability issues (based on MSG-3, method with similarities to FMEA) Presenting of the maintenance analyzing documents...
  • Ioanna Chitzi
    Nationality: Greece
    Years of experience: 4
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