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N·E·ST Anlagenbau GmbH: Micro gas networks

Biogas plants produce biogas, which should be optimally exploited.

The BHKW-Technik offers outstanding efficiency, since the combustion of biogas releases large amounts of warmth and electricity as well.

Combined heat and power (KWK)

The utilization of heat generated as a waste of electricity production is very attractive for biogas plants, because in addition to the heats' commercial potentials, the EEG(low for renewable energies) provides a so-called KWK-Bonus.


  • low investment costs
  • short payback periods
  • low operating costs
  • attractive investment funding

The choice is yours:

A solution from N-E-ST Anlagenbau or establishing your own micro gas network with a professional guidance from the N-E-ST Biogasingenieure.

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