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The company specialises In widely understood biotech solutions applied in fermentation industries, especially in ethanol production processes. We also serve likewise industries in some extend, like starch hydrolysates production.

Basing on cooperation with polish and foreign partners, we are able to offer complete solutions in the following field:

  • complete (turn key) bioethanol and potable alcohol installations
  • modernization of existing ethanol facilities (improvement of energy characteristics, increasing productivity etc.)
  • consultancy process optimization in existing facilities
  • trainings for workers of all the process units

All the elements of the offer in each case are treated individually and adapted to customer needs and possibilities. So if you do not find an exact description of your requirements, please contact us. It is highly probable that we will be able to assist you.

Each of offered elements is accompanied of course by exact technical documentation at every stage of works including general, detail engineering, project supervision etc.

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