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Power Demand in Saudi Arabia rising

Published at: Oct 14, 2009
source: Arab News 13 Oct 2009

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The population growth in Saudi Arabia demands a better quality of life and a growing industrial base. Both need electricity and power in huge numbers.

Forecasts say that the population of Saudi Arabia will nearly double by 2018. More and more power projects have to be launched to meet the high power demand.

One chance is the supply of power through Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Also it is to consider to link such Power Plants to the Desertec Project, currently discussed as a power supplier for Europe. CSP in Saudi Arabia has potential, as an expert said at the Saudi Water and Power Forum (SWPF). Problems can only emerge from the lack of water for the power generation and the maintenance of the Power Plant.

Another point discussed at the SWPF in Jeddah is the use of geothermal power. Saudi Arabia has an abundance of available geothermal energy sources. But a discussion for their use rarely takes place.

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