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Ireland: Press Release: WORDIS Translation Services

Published at: Feb 8, 2012
source: http://www.renewablesb2b.com

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Wordis translation services is a network of professional freelance translators spread across Europe and the rest of the world ready to offer you their specialized services in several sectors and language combinations.

Our competitive advantage is that we are able to select the most adequate translator who is specialized in your field and works into his or her mother tongue at competitive prices. Our structure provides increased flexibility and responsiveness to satisfying your needs eliminating any administrative barriers imposed by a physical location of traditional translation agencies.

Since our freelance professional translators are not confined in a specific office, we are able to offer translations for diverse language combinations and areas of expertise such as:

•Advertising / Marketing
•Government / Politics / International organizations
•Automation / Robotics
•Industrial / Manufacturing
•Automotive / Cars & Trucks
•Internet / Websites / e-Commerce
•Business / Commerce
•Law / Patents / Copyright / Insurance
•Chemistry / Biology
•Market research / Trademarks
•Computers (software / hardware)
•Media / Multimedia
•Construction / Civil engineering
•Medical instruments / Health care
•Education / Training
•Military / Defence
•Energy / Power generation / Renewable energy sources
•Subtitling (Cinema / Film / TV)
•Finance / Economics / Taxation
•Tourism / Travel / Transportation
•Gaming (web / video)
•(Tele-)communications / IT

Our services include translation, revision, editing, proof reading, localisation and validation of diverse documents in various language combinations.

Our prices are competitive because you pay only the translator that works on your project avoiding any fixed or other administrative costs. You only pay for the services you ask for and nothing else.

Contact us for a free quote at info@word-is.com. Each offer is personalized and corresponds fully to your needs and requirements.

For more information about our services visit us at



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