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Schmidbauer Transformatoren und Gerätebau GmbH

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Welcome at Schmidbauer Transformatoren und Gerätebau GmbH

We are an innovative familiy owned manufacturer of transformers up to 800 kVA, chokes / reactors up to 300 kHz or 2500A and DC power supplies upto 60.000A.

Our manufacturing sectorise hanced by the production of customer-specific control systems and apparatus, linefilters in the Power Quality sector and by medical power supplies.

As a middle-class manufacturing company, we are responsible for the customer's satisfaction in these ctorofre winding and of Control and Instrumentation construction.

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  • Transformers
    Transformers from 1VA upto 1000 KVA. Control transformers, isolating transformers, auto transformers, delivery worldwide!
    Made in: Germany
  • Chokes / reactors / electrotechnical line filter up to 2500A
    filter chokes, Water-cooled filter reactor, boost inductor, du/dt-filter, motor reactor, line filter and common mode choces, LCL-filter for REENERGY, POWER ELECTRONICS and DRIVES
    Made in: Germany
  • Control Systems & tool building
    From a small PVB to the final product. Components expecially to your needs, in individual and serial production.
    Made in: Germany
  • Medical devices
    The Callenge of the combination of Standardization, Safety, customer´s specifications and patient.
    Made in: Germany

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