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meca solar, Schletter, Alumil, Exalco, SolarCube Mounting System

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MECASOLAR is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of 2-axis trackers, 1-Axis Azimuth Seasonal trackers, fixed structures and foundation screws generic MECASREW with the most advanced technology. Founded in 2005 and by the end of 2011, supplied materials for plants over 343 MW worldwide.


Schletter's comprehensive range of products and quality control accompanied with recognized certificates guarantee the correct construction of the essential components of the light / tion facility.


Alumil designs and produces complete systems support modules. The HELIOS technology includes solutions to support PV in residential, industrial buildings and countryside, offering significant advantages. All brackets are certified by TUV Hellas (and Aristotle). Guaranteed service life for 25 years.


EXALCO responds directly to the needs of the market for systems related and environmental technologies. The mounting system for solar parks that satisfies a number of German and Greek regulations ensure the safety of investing in extreme weather conditions and earthquakes.


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