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Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

  • Field: Federal Minister of Economics and Technology
  • Phone: + 49 (0)30 - 18 615-0
  • Fax: + 49 (0)30 - 18 615-7010
  • E-Mail Address: info@bmwi.bund.de
  • Url: http://www.bmwi.de
  • Postal Address: Scharnhorststr. 34 - 37, 10115, Berlin, Germany
  • Contact Person: Rainer Brüderle

The objectives of BMWi include:

developing opportunities to ensure sustained economic growth and competitiveness with other economies
ensuring a high level of employment
strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
promoting new technologies and innovation to maintain economic competitiveness
linking economic and ecological goals
expanding the worldwide division of labour and a free system of world trade
ensuring a secure energy supply at appropriate prices

Given these priorities and objectives, the essential task of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is to shape the conditions that foster successful economic activity on the basis of personal and entrepreneurial freedom, competition and stability. The Ministry's legislative, administrative and coordinating functions in areas such as competition policy, regional policy, SME policy, energy policy, and external economic policy are geared to this task.

Germany's overall economic policy is grounded in the principles of the social market economy, and this approach has proven to be effective, particularly during difficult phases of economic cycles. It is especially important for a forward-looking economic policy to ensure sustained conditions for greater employment in Germany.


The Ministry's organisation reflects the broad spectrum of its activities. These are divided among nine Directorates-General (DG):

Central Administration (DG Z)
European Policy (DG E)
Economic Policy (DG I)
SME Policy (DG II)
Energy Policy (DG III)
Industrial Policy (DG IV)
External Economic Policy (DG V)
Communications and Postal Policy (DG VI)
Technology Policy (DG VII)


Rainer Brüderle is the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. The State Secretaries and the Parliamentary State Secretaries support him in fulfilling his responsibilities.

State Secretaries: Dr. Bernhard Heitzer (DG Z, I, II), Dr. Bernd Pfaffenbach (DG E, V, VI), Jochen Homann (DG III, IV, VII).

Parliamentary State Secretaries: Ernst Burgbacher, Peter Hintze and Hans-Joachim Otto.


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