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The integration of international markets, the globalization of trade and strong competition in Europe and other continents has increased the need to exchange goods and services in a multilingual environment.

Latest International News in English

Obama pledges billions for renewable energy projects

U.S. President says USD 129 billion that has been allocated for environmental plans is off limits to Congress

Barack Obama declared on March 23rd the billions of dollars he is planning to spend on renewable energy projects off-limits to the usual bartering over the next few weeks with Congress.

The president, on the first day of a week-long blitz aimed at selling his ambitious USD 3 trillion (GBP 2 trillion) spending budget, said the USD 129 billion allocated for encouraging the use of solar power, hybrid cars and renewable energy projects would not be subject to any of the usual wheeling and dealing between the White House and Congress.

Remarkable energy savings: The Klinikum Konstanz is awarded the BUND seal of quality

After opening its new community center, the Klinikum Konstanz is celebrating its grand opening party and its distinction as an energy saving hospital after receiving a seal of quality (german) from the “Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland” (Union for Environmental Protection and Conservation, BUND).

First energy-saving use - heating metals with superconductors

In order to form heating pipes from copper or window frames from aluminium, the metals must be softened at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees.
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