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  • ZIELGRUPPENANALYSE Singapur - Energieeffizienz in Singapur 2011
    Year: 2011
    Eine umweltfreundliche Entwicklung ist eine entscheidende Priorität für Singapur, weil sie den Weg für eine sauberer, grünere Umwelt ebnet. Mit nur 710 km2 Landfläche ist...
  • USA: Target Market Analysis: Wind Energy
    Year: 2011
    This Target Market Analysis provides an accurate overview of the wind energy market in the US and outlines the potential for interested German companies to...
  • GTAI: The US Windmarket 2011
    Year: 2011
    Bonn (gtai) - Following the crisis in 2010, the U.S. market for wind turbines decreased by almost 50%. But already in the last quarter of...
  • Indian Solar Energy Market Analysis
    Year: 2011
    Price: Single User (electronic): $ 600 Hard Copy Delivery: $ 700 CD-ROM Delivery: $ 700 Multiple User (electronic): $ 900
    The solar energy market in India has witnessed an impressive growth during the past few years, with solar photovoltaic segment emerging as the major contributor...
  • The Rising Sun
    Year: 2011
    Price: free
    In this report, KPMG has analyzed how solar power can contribute to addressing the energy challenges facing the nation today. The report showcases the true...
  • econet monitor november 2010
    Year: 2010
    Publication on Chinese building, energy and environmental markets as well as resulting opportunities and challenges for foreign companies.
  • Target Market Analysis: Kenya’s Solar Energy Market
    Year: 2010
    Kenya boasts a solar market that is one of the most mature and well-established in Africa. At over 1.2 MW in sales per year, the...
  • Target Market Analysis: Ethiopia’s Solar Energy Market
    Year: 2010
    The Ethiopian solar market is still at an early development stage with an estimated installed capacity of 5 MWp. Growth during the 1990s was under...
  • Target Market Analysis: Rwanda’s Solar Energy Market
    Year: 2010
    Rwanda is a densely populated, small country with a relatively low average income. Its small solar market was less than 60 kWp/annum in 2008 and...
  • Target Market Analysis: Tanzania’s Solar Energy Market
    Year: 2010
    Tanzania has a minimum installed solar capacity estimation of 2.5 MWp. Annual sales in solar PV in 2008 were approximately 300 kWp. PV sales have...
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