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Andreas Klug

Education Details

Education: PhD

Dr. rer. nat.  (Doctor of science) University of Trier, Germany

Diplom-Psychologe  (Psychologist) University of Trier, Germany

Skills Details

Experience Years: 12

Executive assessments for certainty in your personnel decisions

Since 1999 Dr. Andreas Klug is a trusted consultant to senior executives regarding executive assessments, aptitude tests, development of personnel and organizations, and surveys. He is a partner of Klug Paul + Partner, a specialized consulting firm of I-O psychologists, based in Germany. Together with his colleagues, he helps renewable energy companies to select employees and executives for vacant positions or international assignments, to identify talent, to develop leaders, and to support international trade and investment projects. The final goal is to bridge the gap between the organization's business strategy and the leadership behaviours necessary to execute the strategy.

His specialty is custom-tailored executive assessment. These assessments are fine-tuned to the requirements of a specific target position in an organization and include several experiments, such as management work samples and simulations of upcoming tasks.

Examples of positions in renewable energy companies hold by
participants of our assessments and accomplished development centers:

  • CEO Americas
  • Director Indochina
  • Country Manager Thailand
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • International Marketing & Business Development Manager
  • Business Development Manager Europe
  • Business Development Manager Asia Pacific
  • Manager Project Finance
  • Manager Equity Sales
  • Senior Investment Manager M&A
  • Head of Service Organisation
  • Head of Corporate Quality Management
  • Team Leader Order Processing International
  • Portfolio Manager Off-grid Products
  • Head of Corporate Communications Asia-Pacific
  • Assistant to CEO
  • Director Técnico Spain
  • Coordinador Grandes Proyectos
  • Project Development Manager for the Western United States
  • Project Development Manager Biofuels
  • Sales Manager India
  • Business Development & Market Strategy Analyst
  • Consultant Strategic Planning
  • Controller
  • Project Manager Photovoltaics
Other Skills:

Do you need a high level of certainty in your personnel decisions?
As a psychologists I am specialized in executive assessments, potential appraisals and development centers. Together with my colleagues I have accomplished numerous projects for renewable energy companies (solar energy, wind energy, photovoltaics, biogas, solar thermal power plants etc.). We are familiar with industry specific operation processes and typical requirements, which holders of positions and important functions in sustainable energy companies have to meet.

Of course every company has its own requirements.
I would be glad to discuss your specific requirements with you.
After this we conduct customized assessments to make them observable and measurable.

Ensure your investments in new staff members and executives!

My core competencies:
* Executive assessments, potential assessments and development centersfor the selection and development of managers and staff of renewable energy companies.
* Consultancy in the fields of personnel and engagenment decisions,
especially in case companies go abroad and set up a new international subsidiary.

More info: http://klug-md.de/seitene/Assessment_newenergye.htm

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