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GASEK wood gasifier

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Tar, which damages engines, and the stringent quality requirements set to wood, have been causing practical problems with implementation and commercialisation of wood gasification technologies. As a result of the development work carried out by GASEK these problems have been solved, and wood gas has turned into a competitive energy source.


GASEK's gasifiers can be fuelled by air-dray mixed wood chips, with the humidity level up to 45%. Any domestic and Nordic kind of wood can be used for chips. Applying the pyrolysis technique chips are gasified into gas, which is purified by the power plant's purification equipment into the ready-to-use product gas. Furthermore, tests have been carried out to research the suitability of food industry waste, leather and sorted municipal waste, mixed in wood chips, for fuel, and the studies will continue.


Due to the high combustion temperature wood particles are accumulated in the gasifier, and after purification the gas contains no hazardous particles, such as tar, which can damage engines. Applying the GASEK technology renewable natural resources can be used to obtain clean, energy-efficient gas to produce virtually emissions-free power and heat. As a result of the clean combustion process the gasifier itself is also durable, maintenance-friendly and efficient.


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