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Adwatec Oy

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Adwatec is an experienced and dynamic engineering company specialized in designing and supplying Liquid Cooling systems for power electronics.

Our Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS) cover wide range of closed loop cooling units using tap water, de ionized water of water glycol mixture depending on the needs of the customer. Depending on the application Liquid Cooling System is equipped with a required redundancy of critical components, comprehensive control system, water purification and other specialties.

Cooling stations (cooling power < 100 kW)

Low capacity Water Cooling Stations are designer for cooling of inverters and generators of wind turbines. These are designed according to stringent technical requirements and climate demands. The “plug and play” stations are easy to install and commission and are most reliable in long term use. The same high quality principles are used in all other closed loop cooling systems of electric components.

Cooling systems (cooling power 100…500 kW)

Middle series are designed primarily for heavy industry cooling applications. Systems include complete PLC control system with Touch panel as HMI. Running is controlled and secured by comprehensive sensor system and reaching the limit values will generate alarm or trip to upper control system.

Water treatment system purifies and keep the coolant conductivity under specified value. As regards qualification and material requirements most demanding customer requirements will be fulfilled.

Cooling systems (cooling power 500…2 000 kW)

Large series are designed for cooling applications of the utility compensators. All functions and sensors are duplicated giving extremely high reliability. Control system gives full operational information locally on touch panel as well as by bus to upper control system. Special customer requirements for documentation, QA and qualification can be followed.

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