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Conergy MEPE

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With the vision of Energy Sustainability

Consolidating a relationship with the Sun, we are leading the effort for energy sustainability and a future where growth is synonymous with the respect for the environment.

Technological Superiority

The design, planning and implementation at actual conditions is the triptych that enabled Conergy to develop the most efficient solar generator of the market.

Constantly evolving its system technology, Conergy chose to vertically integrate its manufacturing procedures while achieving full quality control. With the completion of its strategic plan, Conergy is today the only solar company worldwide that manufactures all the components required for a PV system – all under one roof.

This combined with the guaranteed high efficiency and performance of its applications had a positive response, in a market obviously concerned about the quality of PV systems with parts deriving from different suppliers.

Having designed the most efficient solar module in the market and maintaining the complete control of quality, Conergy leads the market by raising its benefits to industry standards. The global innovation of the insurance contract raises the bar for competition high, while pushes the global industry in a direction of higher quality, more efficiency and more rewarding towards customers.

Underneath the Greek Sun

The privileged geographical position and the high solar irradiation make Greece an ideal region for Solar Systems` development.

Conergy very soon realized the advantages that the Greek sun offers and entered dynamically the Greek market. Taking advantage of its experience and the high quality products soon developed an important partner network which extends beyond the borders of the country.

By possessing the first place in sales since 2007, together with the realization of important projects, Conergy in Greece was established as one of the leading companies in the market.

Today, Conergy Greece constitutes an important hub in the area of PV system supply and installation covering the South East Europe, Cyprus, Malta and Israel with a network of hundreds of partners.

Objectives and strategy

The main objective of Conergy in Greece is the supply of high quality materials and the implementation of reliable and efficient PV systems.

Conergy concentrates to the complete quality testing from technological research to the installation of a complete PV system.

Therefore in our laboratories in Germany, our engineers constantly evolve innovative technology for confirming the title of the most efficient PV generator in the most reliable installation.

In Greece, Conergy provides complete services from design and planning to the installation of PV systems over 500kWp while realizes smaller PV installations through B2B partnerships.

Quality in practice

In the context of high quality , Conergy is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following product or service ranges:

  • Sales
  • Design
  • Installation of RES
  • Maintenance of RES

With focus to the customer

A new form of economic development, closer to human needs and the protection of the environment, is not only possible but already underway. Conergy's contribution to the effort of redefining the relationship between man and nature constitutes a driver for a better energy future.

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  • First Name: Aspasia
  • Last Name: Metallinou
  • Position: Marketing & PR Manager
  • Email: a.metallinou@conergy.gr
  • Phone: 00302109651800
  • Fax: 00302109630768

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