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EGing Photovoltaik Europe GmbH

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EGing Photovoltaic Technology was founded in 2003 with humble beginnings as a manufacturer of silicon ingot. By 2008, EGing has emerged as one of the few leading vertically integrated solar PV companies. By end of 2010, EGing will have 500MW of capacity and become the world’s largest vertically integrated mono crystalline solar PV company. EGing builds up close partnerships with global leading equipment suppliers that provide advanced technology and know-how for the production of high power and high efficiency solar PV modules. With persistent and consistent pursuit of quality and operation excellence, EGing technology and manufacturing staff strives to provide customers with the high quality product of outstanding performance.

Company Details
  • Business Type: Company - Manufacturing
  • Country: Germany
  • State / Province / Region: Frankfurt
  • City: Frankfurt
  • Address: Lyoner Strasse 40
  • Zip: D-60528
  • Phone: 0049 69 60627920
  • Fax: 0049 69 606279229
  • Url: http://www.egingpv.com
  • Email: sales-europe@EGingpv.com
Contact Person Details
  • First Name: Oliver
  • Last Name: Korth
  • Position: Vertriebsleiter
  • Email: o.korth@egingpv.com
  • Phone: 0049 69 60627920
  • Fax: 0049 69 606279229
  • Systems Engineering
    Solar (photovoltaic) independent power generation system includes solar cell arrays, batteries, power controllers, DC/AC inverters, power transmissions and distributions, low voltage power distribution networks and DC/AC loads.
    Made in: United States
  • Module Packaging
    Solar modules are packaged by solar cells and other accessories including cables and junction boxes. The modules can be in different sizes and configurations according to customer's requirements.    
    Made in: United States
  • Cell preparation
    A solar cell is a device that performs the immediate conversion of light into electrical energy via photovoltaic or photochemical effect. EGing's mono-crystalline silicon solar cell production line adopts automation...
    Made in: United States
  • Wafer cutting
    Once an ingot has been grown it is then sliced up into wafers. Silicon wafers are sliced from the ingot using Wire saws. The Wire saws are more efficient because...
    Made in: United States
  • Silicon Materials
    Polysilicon or simply poly is a material consisting of multiple small silicon crystals. Polycrystalline silicon can be as much as 99.9999999% pure. It is most often mixed with oxygen in...
    Made in: United States

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