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ECOLOGY is your BUSINESS - Then take the next step with eco2B! eco2B is short for "ecology to business". We find distributors and projects for our customers. Our clients are manufacturers, service providers, system manufacturers and software providers of environmental and energy sectors. eco2B is NOT AN INTERNET MARKETPLACE OR A CONSULTING COMPANY. We are looking for you IN PERSON and deliver DIRECT BUYING AND SALES LEADS through our extensive networks in Europe, Asia or Latin America. We believe in the SUCCESS OF THIS MARKET - therefore, let us convince you of our INNOVATIVE APPROACH! REASON FOR BEING: eco2B arose from the demands of our customers! eco2B finds sales partners and projects abroad! Many companies lack human resources and know-how in international sales and marketing a local partner on site to conquer local markets together intercultural and linguistic competence We are able to solve all of these problems.

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  • First Name: Thomas
  • Last Name: Dillig
  • Position: Geschäftsführer
  • Email: info@eco2business.com
  • Phone: 0911 580 55 69
  • Fax: 0911 580 55 73

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