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Wonderland Real Estate & Investment GmbH

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Wonderland Real Estate & Investment GmbH is an independent, specialist financial services regulatory consultancy, committed in providing practical solutions.We provide a reliable financial solution to support all types of commercial projects and business finance. An industry leader in arranging Financial Instruments and also has an experienced team in providing financial solutions for companies and individuals. We provide Bank Instruments such as (BG) Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) Issued with Top Rated Banks for Clients Worldwide. Financial instrument brokers required to establish a long business partnership, Our brokers are paid on commission for every successful tranche. For more Information visit – www.wonderlandgmbh.com

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  • First Name: Markus
  • Last Name: Ungerer
  • Position: Financial Consultant
  • Email: markusunge@gmail.com
  • Phone: +44 7451235898

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