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India: India reaffirms commitment to nuclear energy

Published at: Mar 1, 2012
source: Uranium Investing News

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At a New Delhi conference last week, India reaffirms its commitment to nuclear power.

Currently 50 percent of the india population do not have access to electricity. This continouing shortage is a stumbling block for reducing poverty and a major constriction for industrial capacity. However on a per capita basis, india consumes far less energy than other industrialized countries.

The introduction of nuclear power represents a a greener energy policy for india. 56 percent of indias total energy consumption is based on coal at this point of time. Indias obejctive is to supply 25 percent of energy though nuclear power by 2050. Right now, the country produces only 2,9 percent of electricity by nuclear power. India expects to import light-water reactors in order to supplement a domestic three-stage fuel cycle that will eventually bring in thorium to complement current uranium-filled units.

The increasing demand will benefit the uranium industry and major producers. India established an office in its country to represent the countrys nuclear community.

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