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India: The new Soleckshaws in Delhi

Published at: Mar 21, 2012
source: RushLane

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Soleckshaws are solar powered auto rickshaws.

From now on there are soleckshaws introduced in the streets of Delhi. The solar powered auto rickshaws are jointly designed and developed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

The soleckshaws will be available in three different types according to the material their were build of. Variants will cost between Rs. 45.000 and 85.000. The soleckshaw with a simpel metal body costs 45.000, the simpel plastic frame soleckshaw costs 75.000 and those rickshaws with a plastic frame and enhanced battery life will cost around 85.000. Every type has a maximum speed limit of 25km/h.

Around 1000 Soleckshaws will be introduced in the capital Delhi in Jne 2012. Certain routes will be selected and shall be used for transporting pupils to schools or colleges and tourists to historical sights. A subsidy is being proposed and the government even approved a road tax and VAT exemption.

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