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  • Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO)
    Outgoing url: http://www.helapco.gr
    HELAPCO is a non-profit organization established by representatives of Greek photovoltaic companies in 2002.
    Outgoing url: http://www.desmie.gr
    HTSO S.A. is a company with a double role: 1)The first role is the one being played by P.P.C. in respect to the Transmission System: it always looks after for the existence of a balance between production and consumption and the electric energy to be provided in a reliable, safe and in terms of quality acceptable way. 2)The second role of HTSO is to settle the market, in other words to act like an energy stock market that arranges on a daily basis who owns to whom. HTSO does not provide electric energy and whatever basic exchanging relations exist they are bilateral ones between producers/providers and their customers.
  • Institute of Energy of South East Europe (ΙΕΝΕ)
    Outgoing url: http://www.iene.gr
    The Institute of Energy of South East Europe (ΙΕΝΕ) is a non-profit organization whose main activity is the study of energy matters and the provision of qualified information to professionals and to the public at large. IENE aspires to become the focus around which energy matters can be discussed, analysed, compiled and presented to the scientific-technical communities and to the representatives of social, business and economic life in Greece and SE Europe.
  • National Technical University of Athens – Energy-Economics-Environment Modelling Laboratory
    The E3M-Lab is a research laboratory operating, since 1988, within the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens. The researchers of the laboratory combine economic analysis with a thorough engineering evaluation and support of technology forecasting in the energy domain and focus on quantitative economic analysis and directly support economic, energy and environmental policy for the European Union and other world regions.
  • Public Power Corporation S.A.
    Outgoing url: http://www.dei.gr
    The Public Power Corporation was established in 1950 with the aim to map out and implement a national energy policy, which through the intense exploitation of domestic resources would make electrical power the property and right of all Greek citizens.Today, PPC S.A. is the largest power generation company in Greece and the country΄s sole power supply company, providing electricity to approximately 7.2 million customers. PPC is also the sole company with a fully owned power transmission system in Greece.
  • Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)
    Outgoing url: http://www.rae.gr
    The Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) is an independent administrative authority, which enjoys, by the provisions of the law establishing it, financial and administrative independence. RAE was established on the basis of the provisions of L. 2773/1999, which was issued within the framework of the harmonisation of the Hellenic Law to the provisions of Directive 96/92/EC for the liberalization of the electricity market.
  • The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES)
    Outgoing url: http://www.cres.gr
    The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources CRES is the Greek national entity for the promotion of renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and energy conservation. In the modern demanding energy sector CRES is dynamically active, in the frame of the national and Community policy and legislation, for the protection of the environment and sustainable development. Working in the state of the art of technology development, CRES implements innovative projects and significant activities for the promotion and market penetration of new energy technologies.
  • The Greek Association of RES Electricity Producers (GAREP)
    Outgoing url: http://www.hellasres.gr
    The GAREP is a private, non-profit organisation founded in March 1997. According to its Statutes, members of GAREP are legal persons (companies) based in Greece, whose aim and objectives are linked to the construction and operation of commercial RES installations.
  • The Greek Solar Industry Association (EBHE)
    Outgoing url: http://www.ebhe.gr
    EBHE is aiming at promoting solar energy both on the national as well as the international level. It also guarantees that all its members follow the highest international standards in the manufacturing process of solar thermal systems, so that the customer enjoys the maximum benefits of solar energy.
  • The Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD
    Outgoing url: http://www.meteo.noa.gr
    The Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD) is one of the five institutes that constitute the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), the oldest research centre in Greece (the first meteorological observations began in 1846). The IERSD΄s aim is to promote environmental science and engineering. The IERSD is active in the following thematic areas between others:1)Meteorology / Weather Forecast 2)Climatology and Climate Change 3)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 4)Atmospheric Pollution monitoring and modelling 5)Solar and Wind Energy
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