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Indonesia’s PLN to build geothermal power plants

Published at: May 31, 2007
source: http://www.renewableenergymagazine.com

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For a long time Indonesia has been plagued by power shortages in its remote regions, now the state utility company PT PLN is looking to build 30 new power plants , part of the mix will also be geothermal power.
The 30 plants which will also include coal are planed to generate over 1,800 MW by 2010 . The locations which have been chosen for geothermal power plants are amongst other Ulubelu power plant in Lampung, Ulumbu in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Lumutbalai in South Sumatra and Lahendong in North Sulawesi. Indonesia is believed to be home to around o­ne third of the worlds geothermal resources or about 27,000 MW of potential power. The plants which PLN will build are between 20MW to 110 MW. When completed the plants will have a total capacity of 1,000 MW.

The country is also looking to reduce its dependence o­n oil, of which it used to be a net exporter until some years ago. Already two companies from the United States, Pertamina and Chevron have geothermal power plant operations. In total there 807 MW operating currently, which is less then three precent of all capacity. More information Renewable Energy Market Indonesia

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