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Symposium "Environmentally friendly production of Energy in the PHARE - Countries" - Prague, Czech Republic

Published at: May 11, 2005
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 The German - Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Thessaloniki is awarded with a Small Project from the PHARE envelope. The focus lies in the solar energy sources (SES) sector and/or in the application of small scale SES facilities operated locally by SMEs and are addressed to SMEs which are employed in this field in the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Greece and Germany.
The Symposium of the EU Enlargement Directorate General and the German ? Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry o­n the subject "Environment-friendly energy production in PHARE-Countries ? Solar Energy" will take place o­n 16th and 17th of June 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic at the Corinthia Panorama Hotel. For further information download the flyer of the symposium..The main goal of the Symposium is to promote the application of decentralised small scale renewable energy facilities (especially in the field of solar energy) by providing and transferring know-how and by establishing the necessary operational framework for SMEs in the solar energy sector in the PHARE countries. This project will assist in the promotion of free movement of goods, services, persons and capital related to solar energy facilities in the PHARE countries. One of the main aspects of the Symposium is the flow of valid information o­n the latest developments in environmental technology ? with special tribute to solar energy ? as well as the debate o­n experiences and entrepreneurial outcomes from projects implemented in Greece, Germany and North-Eastern Europe. Target groups of the Symposium are professional associations,chambers of commerce and industry,SME local and regional authorities and the general public.

The Symposium is based o­n the dialogue between entrepreneurs, politicians and important organisations o­n environmental and energy issues, o­n the open method of cooperation in current issues and o­n the analysis of future strategies o­n the dissemination of environmental technologies, products and services. It will focus o­n: Provision of information, Exchange of information, and Dissemination of best practices and guidelines.The expected outcome from the proposed project is: Familiarization of the staff of professional associations, industries, chambers of commerce and industry, SMEs, local and regional authorities and the general public with issues related to solar energy sources,Awareness raising for SMEs and sole proprietorship businesses regarding opportunities for co-operation in the solar energy sector amongst them, and Dissemination of experiences of pilot actions amongst partners.For more information and to take part download the invitation formContact:German?Hellenic Chamber of Industry and CommerceDimitra TsatsaniTel.: +30 2310 327733e-mail: d.tsatsani@mail.ahk-germany.de  More information about the German Chambers of Commerce

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